Venture Hacks is the first of multiple hackathons sponsored by the new Stevens Venture Center. The Venture Center aims to redefine entrepreneurial education and support rising student entrepreneurs. Venture Hacks will be 36 hours of talking about, building, and collaborating on ideas. While there is focus on technology, this hackathon centers on the creative process and entrepreneurship. Join the revolution in hackathons.

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All undergraduates of Stevens Institute of Technology.


Teams are required to submit all material pertaining to the project on or alternative chosen by the organizers. This includes: source code, assets, links to live projects, and final presentations. Projects that blatantly disregard the proposed theme may be ineligible for judging, at the discretion of the organizers. All projects must be submitted by 5:30pm on Sunday the 17th.




Roman Malantchouk

Roman Malantchouk
Founder and CEO, walkTHIShouse

Gregory Della'Quilaory

Gregory Della'Quilaory
Founder & President, Mission 50 Workspaces

David Mattingly

David Mattingly
Graphic Artist Professor, School of Visual Arts and Pratt Institute

James Kocis

James Kocis
President, Burgiss

David Watson

David Watson
Web Engineer, Stevens Institute of Technology

Ann Holtzman

Ann Holtzman
Zoning Office and Flood Plain Administrator, City of Hoboken

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity and Design
    We're looking for ambitious, professional, and functional designs that just work.
  • Technical Proficiency
    While the theme is entrepreneurship, the medium is through tech. We're looking for great technology used uniquely.
  • Entrepreneurship and Scalability
    Here we are. This is what matters. How viable is your project? What pain does it alleviate?

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